"Hands down the best yoga mat!! I'm pushing a decade of practicing yoga and I've used plenty of different..."

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Welcome a new level of flow and tranquility into your yoga practice by utilizing one of the best mats on the market.

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What is Closed Cell technology?


You won't waste time scrubbing your mat again!

Closed Cell mats offer superior sweat resistance. By not absorbing your sweat, this mat won't deteriorate as quickly as its porous, open cell competitors. The difference is clear.  Open cell mats are porous and absorb sweat, dirt, and bacteria.  With the added moisture, open cell mats break down quickly and literally deteriorate before your eyes in the middle of your yoga practice.

The closed cell technology of this mat, combined with its smooth surface makes it easy to clean, sweat resistant, and ultra long lasting. By wicking away sweat and moisture, this mat stays cleaner, and dryer than other mats, making it one of the best and most durable mats on the market.

All this and Eco-friendly too!  Made without toxic chemicals in production, this product is latex free, rubber free, and hypoallergenic. 

Extra long  and  extra thick !  At 24" x 72" &  5mm thick, it's perfect for keeping the spine, hips, knees, and elbows cushioned in even the most difficult positions.

The NOW Athletics Eco Tpe Yoga Mat can be used in all yoga practices and is best for a variety of exercise including Pilates, hot yoga,  hatha yoga, prana yoga, vinyasa , ashtanga,  bikram yoga and more! 

Cultivate a deeper practice, ensure proper alignment and create a peaceful, natural environment. For use indoors, outdoors, for travel,  at home, or in the studio, NOW Athletics signature color combination and lightweight design is ideal for calming, restorative yoga as well as your most vigorous workouts. 

This eco mat is perfect for men and women, hot yoga or a more relaxing practice.  For best anti-slip performance, this mat is best when paired with a yoga towel.

Other mats absorb sweat and create breading grounds for bacteria, fungi, and even mold!  Help keep yourself yourself healthy all year with this ultra hypoallergenic mat.

At NOW Athletics we believe in being present with every breath in the now and in releasing thoughts about the past and future.  Expanding energy, relaxing the body and mind, we contemplate respect for nature and the environment.  We provide affordable yoga for all and we embrace environmentally friendly production methods.  We believe we can create a bright future by taking mindful action now.   
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